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Hot Stones Massage 
Hot stones massage is a uniquely relaxing therapy, utilising heat and pressure to deeply relax the muscles. Smooth basalt stones are heated to a comfortable temperature and used as tools by the therapist to enhance the benefits of massage therapy. Muscles that are reluctant to relax are often unable to resist the soothing effects of a hot stone massage and stubborn knots often give in when faced with a combination of heat and skilful massage techniques.
The therapist uses oil (usually with aromatherapy oils added) to aid the movement of the stones and will begin with a little hands on massage before introducing the stones, and during the massage will switch between stones and hands to really work into any tight muscles and knots that you may have; the heat of the stones will soften the muscle tissue enabling her to effectively release deeper tension. Many people come away from a hot stones massage feeling deeply calm and relaxed.