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Relaxing/Rejuvenating Holistic Facial



This is a holistic facial treat incorporating deep cleansing, mask and aromatherapy facial massage to renew, rejuvenate and relax the face and introduces a wonderful feeling of calm relaxation and a more youthful glow to the skin.


The session starts with a cleanse, deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells, your fresh skin is then treated to an amazing relaxing aromatherapy face and neck massage, which begins with the upper shoulders and neck and is client specific, so any tight, tense areas will be worked on during this time, it will also include a scalp massage to lift any tension in the area. We use our facial muscles a lot and these muscles are as prone to storing tension as any others - these tensions are a contributing cause to lines and wrinkles and a massage helps to unlock the tightness and smooth out the skin. The massage also helps to encourage expulsion of waste and toxins from the skin and muscles, and to support the renewal of nutrients to the area. The massage oil used is freshly blended for each client and includes nutritious and easily absorbed oils infused with a blend of pure aromatherapy oils which have a beautiful scent and for this treatment are specifically chosen for their skin-healing properties. A mask is then applied and whilst you relax, you will be given a hand and forearm massage. The session ends with application of a moisturiser to suit your skin type.


Try mixing this treatment with a relieving back massage for an extra special relaxing and pampering session.



 "Oh wow, my skin feels so soft" - Louise, Petersfield