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Reflexology is a massage and pressure point treatment that is applied to the feet and hands but most commonly to the feet. It has been used for thousands of years as a therapeutic treatment for relaxation, pain relief, toning and improving the health of the body and mind, and in encouraging the body to self-heal. It is usually a deeply relaxing experience.


Reflexology is based on the principle that there are zones and points in the feet that correspond to parts of the body, with the feet acting as "maps" of the whole body. It is believed that by stimulating the points on the feet using massage techniques, the corresponding parts of the body are stimulated and natural healing is assisted. Reflexology has been used to treat many ailments and people often find it extremely relaxing. A course of treatments is recommended to gain the full benefits but a single treatment will also be helpful, and is perfect for a pampering treat.
A reflexology session lasts for about an hour and you can receive the treatment either sitting with your feet up, or lying down. Talcum powder is usually used as the massage medium but if you prefer, cream or oil may be used.





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