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Sports Massage



When is sports massage useful.....
  • If you're suffering from specific and on-going niggling aches and pains that you can't seem to shake off.


  • If you are involved in sports and want your muscles to be in optimum health then a regular maintenance sports massage could be very beneficial. Massage helps to clear toxins and enables flow of fresh nutrients to the muscles; and also helps to retain elasticity.


  • If you're working towards a sporting event, then massage leading up to and following the event can help to keep your muscles in good working order, help to prevent injury, and speed up recovery time.


  • If you have trouble with tight, tense muscles (even if you don't participate in sports) and feel that a general or aromatherapy massage would not be deep enough for you then it's worth trying sports massage.


  • If you have suffered previous injuries then sports massage can enhance the rehabilitation process.


  • If you're organising a sporting event and require a therapist to provide pre and post event massage on-site then Helen is available to do so.
What is a sports massage.....
Sports massage is not just for athletes but can be beneficial for anyone who has a need for health promoting remedial massage, whether the reasons for seeking treatment are a result of sports activities, work or leisure pursuits. Clients are normally assessed to establish their needs and the most appropriate approach to their massage, and different therapeutic techniques such as varying massage strokes, muscle energy techniques (MET), soft tissue release (STR), or trigger point therapy can be used to achieve the desired results.
The massage is given on a treatment couch and oil is used but some techniques can be performed through clothing or a towel. If you have a specific problem then the session may be focused on that particular area or can include a general body massage to ensure that all areas of tightness are dealt with; it is well known that pain in one area of the body can be caused by muscle tightness in other areas. The therapist will endeavour to find and treat the cause of any problems.
A typical session usually takes about an hour and includes an assessment. The initial session will include a more thorough assessment which is free of charge and does not encroach on massage time. Helen is VTCT qualified to level 4 sports massage and also undertakes to complete on-going education relating to massage therapies.